Sales Teams

Keep the rest of the organization informed

Send sales performance updates across the organization, highlighting what's in the pipeline, and how many deals have been won recently.

Deliver sales performance updates

Present the latest number of leads and opportunities directly from Salesforce.

Add sales commentary on top

Overlay your insight and commentary on top of celebrating recently closed deals.

Link deals to business objectives

Measure progress towards your sales targets and business objectives with real data from Salesforce.

Beautifully formatted email updates in action

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Save time and quickly compose regular updates

Showcase progress towards business objectives with these time saving features.

Metric Tracking

Measure progress towards your goals with real data from our integrations.

Salesforce Integration

Track and include metrics from leads and opportunity reports.

Slack Integration

Send a short summary and link to a detailed update to channels.

Goal (OKR) Tracking

Track product goals and OKRs. View delivery, metrics and activities by goal.

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