Remote teams use

Communicate structured updates across the organization, highlighting what the team has been working towards, linking activities back to business objectives.

Stay focused on your mission as a business

  • Compose updates collaboratively

    Stay aligned as a cross-functional team, ensuring everyone has had a chance to collaborate and be accountable for their progress.

  • Celebrate the wins, news and progress

    Give everyone a chance to call out progress, news, and wins they have had.

  • Connect activities to business objectives

    Add commentary on how completed activities relate to business objectives and how they will help progress desired outcomes.

Example email of an update for remote teams.

Send great progress reports

Sending great progress reports is a team effort. We have everything you need to compose and sending great updates.

Collaboratively create progress reports for broad audiences within your organization

Update composer

Overlay your insight and commentary translating the raw data into valueable insights that build trust.

Task Management

Keep track of the key tasks and milestones within an objective.

Goal (OKR) Tracking

Track product goals and OKRs. View delivery, metrics and activities by goal.

Learn how we can streamline your reporting, saving at least 8 hours per month

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