Professional Growth

Keep your manager in the loop

Use updates as a means of professional journalling what you have achieved throughout the week, and using updates with your manager to fuel more meaningful one-on-ones.

Stay focused on what's important

Focus on the most important tasks that will help you achieve the business goals and objectives you should be pursuing.

Connect activities to business objectives

Add commentary on how activities are completed relate to business objectives and how they will help progress desired outcomes.

Have meaningful one-to-ones

Set the stage for meaningful one-to-ones with your manager, by keeping them in the loop and pre-empt any requests.

Features and support to master stakeholder management

Update Composer

Overlay commentary to information included from integrations.

Task Management

Keep track of key tasks and activites, linking directly to your goals.

Goal (OKR) Tracking

Track product goals and OKRs. View delivery, metrics and activities by goal.

Metric Tracking

Measure progress towards your goals with real data from our integrations.

Keep peers and stakeholders informed

Free for product and technology leaders to use for the first 90 days.