Product Management

Keep the rest of the organization informed

Send product management updates across the organization, highlighting what's been worked on, and how particular initiatives are moving.

Track progress towards key results

Track delivery of a particular feature, or monitor the continuous improvement of a key business metric.

Add commentary on top

Overlay your insight and commentary on top of information from Jira. Providing an accurate summary on where development is at.

Lead with business objectives

Structure your updates around business objectives, ensuring the update suited for a broad audience across the organization.

Save time and quickly compose regular updates

Showcase progress towards business objectives with these time saving features.

Metric Tracking

Measure progress towards your goals with real data from our integrations.

Update Composer

Overlay commentary to information included from integrations.

Jira Integration

Track completion of delivery by linking epics and issues to goals.

Goal (OKR) Tracking

Track product goals and OKRs. View delivery, metrics and activities by goal.

Keep peers and stakeholders informed

Free for product and technology leaders to use for the first 90 days.