The value of written product updates

Luke Grimstrup

Hey Product Leaders, are you constantly attending meetings and answering questions about upcoming features, progress updates, and timelines? Regular and efficient communication is vital to ensure transparency and alignment across teams and stakeholders. aims to help product leaders streamline product roadmap updates by gathering metrics, development progress, and business objectives, and presenting this information in an easily digestible format for stakeholders.

The Importance of Regular Updates

Sending written updates on a weekly basis is crucial for product managers. It helps maintain transparency, ensures alignment, and fosters collaboration among teams and stakeholders. By consistently communicating progress on business and product initiatives, you can prevent misunderstandings, misaligned priorities, and communication breakdowns.

Top 5 Benefits of Regular Updates for Product Leaders:

  1. Maintain focus on the bigger picture: Regular updates help you and the product team stay focused on the main outcomes you're trying to achieve.
  2. Keep cross-functional teams informed: Consolidating major updates and sharing artifacts ensures everyone stays motivated and informed.
  3. Reduce meeting fatigue: Written updates provide a structured, skimmable, and easily referenced alternative to meetings.
  4. Address common questions and requests: Updates allow leaders to highlight gaps, make requests, invite responses, and reflect on progress.
  5. Build trust within the team and across the organization: A culture of transparent and honest communication fosters trust and accountability.

How to Craft Effective Updates with Enform

When providing stakeholder updates, focus on clear, concise, and relevant information. Include the following key elements:

  • Progress: Summarize the progress made towards your goals since the last update, highlighting major accomplishments or setbacks.
  • Metrics: Share relevant metrics or KPIs that demonstrate the impact of product initiatives on strategic objectives.
  • Risks and challenges: Address any emerging or anticipated risks, challenges, or obstacles, and describe the steps taken to mitigate them.
  • Plans for next week: Share upcoming plans and next steps for the team, ensuring that stakeholders understand the overall direction and focus.
  • Action items and next steps: Clearly outline action items, responsibilities, and deadlines for stakeholders.
  • Handy resources: Share any relevant links and resources for stakeholders who wish to dive deeper into key topics.

Here is an example of an initiative update in Enform:

By incorporating these elements in stakeholder updates, product leaders can ensure that all parties are well-informed, aligned, and engaged in the product's ongoing development and success. makes composing updates easy by integrating with various sources and allowing teams and leaders to add their commentary.

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