TheWebAppMarket appreciates Enform

Luke Grimstrup

TheWebAppMarket appreciates Enform, a quicker and more transparent approach for leaders developing and distributing progress reports in a remote-first and modern hybrid workplace.

Enform enables you to reduce meeting time, stay focused on company objectives, and keep clients, stakeholders, and the team informed to become a better leader. You can keep your peers, team, stakeholders and clients informed with data from your project management and data and analytics integrations. You can use engaging storytelling to highlight your team's progress and lead with your business objectives.

Enform empowers you to connect day-to-day activities and product delivery outputs to company goals to keep strategy in mind. You can bridge those company updates with your favorite productivity tools like Jira Cloud, Trello, Slack, Azure DevOps, Pabbly Connect, Zapier, MeisterTask, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. 

By connecting to your project management tools and sending data-driven progress reports, leaders are keeping their team engaged by reporting on metrics that matter, and building trust with stakeholders by being proactive and presenting the right information.

Enform is the perfect companion for leaders working in a modern remote and hybrid environment, centralizing the data relating to their objectives and key results (OKRs) and quickly send regular progress reports out to the team and stakeholders within minutes once a week.


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