Product Update: Trello Integration

Luke Grimstrup

We’ve been busy in the last couple of weeks and have finished the Trello integration, and have added a few updates to enable even better updates.

Trello Integration

If you’re a product manager or product owner who uses Trello, you might need help keeping on top of all the activity and staying focused on the business objectives.

From the Integrations page, you can now connect to Trello. Once you have connected to Trello, new ‘Trello Settings’ options appear when managing Teams. You can link your team to a particular Trello Board, and set up how often you get digests.

Trello - Team Settings

When you initially connect a Team to a Trello board we will automatically sync with the last 7 days of Trello activity, and you will receive your first digest email. Digest emails are sent at the configured intervals to the Team Members.

Trello - Digest

From the Dashboard, you can trigger a sync and this will pull activity from the past 1 day into You can also link Trello Cards to your goals and objectives. The grouping of cards by objectives will appear in your digest as well.

Trello - Dashboard

When composing an update you include the Trello Card summary, noting that only cards with a checklist will have the progress indicator.

Trello - Update

Include images & screenshots in your updates

Images and screenshots can be added to updates now by selecting the image icon when bringing up the formatting options, or just drag and drop! This is super handy for people wanting to share reports / latest mockups / important slides that might have come up during the week!

Uploaded screenshot

Adding images can be done by dragging and dropping into the text area into an update. Alternatively, when you bring up the formatting options, the image icon allows you to select and upload a new image.

Formatting options - upload image

New formatting options

Options like headings, strikethrough, quotes and code blocks have been added as formatting options to the WYSIWYG editor now too for people to share even more impactful updates.

Formatting options

Send through your feedback

We’re always working to continuously improve the product based on your feedback. If you have any feedback, send it through to or check out our public roadmap to see what we’re currently working on and have your say in what we should be working on next.

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