Product Update: MeisterTask Integration

Luke Grimstrup

What is MeisterTask?

MeisterTask is a simple task management product from the same folks that brought us MindMeister, the popular mindmapping tool. MeisterTask is not too dissimilar to Trello with it’s focus on ease-of-use.

The Mindmesiter + MeisterTask combo is unique in that you can turn mind maps directly into agile project boards and import all your ideas as actionable tasks. Tasks stay synced between MindMeister and MeisterTask so you can visualize progress in both tools in either the mindmap view, or in a classic kanban view.

MeisterTask Kanban

It’s an exceptionally easy tool to use. MindMeister and MeisterTask are highly intuitive and beautifully designed to ensure that you can get productive with your team right away.

MindMeister + MeisterTask + MeisterTask Integration

While the MindMeister + MeisterTask combo is a powerful from a planning and visualization perspective, it’s missing a critical element of being able to report on progress and keep stakeholder and clients up to date on how projects are progressing at a glance. This is where comes in!

If you’re a visual thinker and brainstorm tasks using MindMeister and sync them to MeisterTask, you can now report on progress regularly and keep your clients informed of progress

From the Integrations page, you can now connect to MeisterTask. Once you have to connected to MeisterTask, a new ‘MeisterTask Settings’ option appears when managing Teams. You can link your team to a particular MeisterTask project, and set up how often you get digests.

MeisterTask - Team Settings

When you initially connect a Team to a MeisterTask project we will automatically sync all the open tasks from the project, and you will receive your first digest email. Digest emails are sent at the configured intervals to the Team Members.

MeisterTask - Digest

From the Dashboard, you can trigger a sync and this will pull activity from the past 1 day into You can also link tasks to your goals and objectives. The grouping of cards by objectives will appear in your digest as well.

MeisterTask - Dashboard

When composing an update you include the TaskMeister task summary, noting that only tasks with a checklist will have the progress indicator.

MeisterTask - Update

Once the update has been sent you can report on recipient engagement and see how many times the update was viewed, if any links were clicked, and how many clicked through to view the update online. A preview of the sent email is also displayed on the right-hand-side.

MeisterTask - Update Published

Send through your feedback and request your integration

Over the next few weeks we will be working to integrate with up-and-coming popular project management tools such as ClickUp and NiftyPM.

As we build out our suite of integrations that really power the product and make it easier for everyone to report on and share the progress of their initiatives, we’re looking for requests to integrate with other project management solutions, or data platforms to help automate the collection of metrics behind your objectives and key results.

If you have any feedback, send it through to or check out our public roadmap to see what we’re currently working on and have your say on what integrations we should be working on next.

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