Product Update: Engagement Reporting

Luke Grimstrup

Recipient engagement reporting

How often have you sent an email update and wondered if people were actually reading it? We’ve all been there, we pour sometimes hours pulling together the data and information for a status update and hit ‘send’, then wonder if it was actually read.

We believe that providing recipient engagement and reporting stats, that will encourage leaders to send status updates more often.

In, when an update is published, you are immediately sent to an engagement report screen, where we are now tracking email delivery, opens, and click-throughs.

Shareable link to update page for others to view & comment

Sometimes, you want to have more control over setting the context for the update and might want to include a link in an email you’ve sent. You might also want to invite your stakeholders to comment on goals and objectives.

In, when you now publish an update, you can now choose to generate a shareable link, that you can then share with your clients and stakeholders to follow along with the progress.

The page is accessible to anyone with the link and has the branding and logo you’ve added for the team. When a comment is left on the page the team is immediately notified via email.

Updated public roadmap

Over the past few weeks, we have received a tremendous amount of feedback from the community and everyone signing up to trials around what integrations we should add next, as well as core functionality we should be considering adding to

The public roadmap has been updated to reflect the current status of items, and with some of the new candidates for future integration added there for people to upvote.

The first phase of has been focused on the sharing of updates to teams, clients and stakeholders. Future updates will focus more on tracking and planning. This also includes a continued focus on reducing the time it takes for rich updates to be produced and shared with clients and stakeholders.

Below is a summary of the product roadmap highlighting the items we’re currently working towards.

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