Product Update: ClickUp, Google Analytics, GitLab

Luke Grimstrup

Over the past month or so we've been busy working away on a few new integrations and working through a bunch of feedback on the platform and have even welcomed a new team member! Here's a roll-up on what's new and exciting this month on

ClickUp Integration

ClickUp is a popular project management tool that aims to be the one app to replace them all. Offering Projects & Tasks, Chat, Goals and wide range of views to visualise work. However, it's still not super clear to see what people are working on in relation to the business objectives. That's where comes in, as experts at connecting work in flight back to overarching business objectives you can now keep your finger on the pulse and push updates to a broad audience promoting recent accomplishments as you move to hit your business objectives.

Set up ClickUp with

Google Analytics Integration

A lot of effort goes into manually pulling data from various data sources and filtering it to track the progress towards a desired outcome. With our Google Analytics integration you can now create 'Google-Powered Metrics' that will automatically pull data from GA once a day and make it super easy for you to include these metrics into your progress reports.

Get started with + Google Analytics.

Connect to multiple Jira instances

We have extended our Jira integration to allow connections to multiple Jira instances within a single account. This allows people who might have clients that look after their own Jira instances the ability to connect to multiple clients from a single account. Once the your account is connected to at least one Jira instance, you manage the connection under Team Settings.

Connect to a multiple Jira instances in 4 easy steps.

GitLab Integration

GitLab is another popular project and task management tool that's popular in software development and very similar to Jira. Once again, it's not easy to keep your finger on the pulse of all the moving parts within an organization, so having a daily digest that summarizes what's moved within an organization can really help. Like our project management integration, it's easy to get set up! 

Get started with + GitLab.

New hire! Welcome Jaz!

With all the feedback we've received over the past few months, it's been a huge boost in confidence from the community on the future of Jaz has joined the team as a Ruby on Rails developer, and will really help in accelerating the overall development of the platform. She has already made a pretty big impact by playing a major role in most of recent updates mentioned above! Welcome to the team Jaz!

What's next?

It's been an exciting past few weeks, so what's next? Over the next few weeks, we're going to focus more on how items are linked to goals and making this process a bit easier. This includes:

  • More Slack integration features: We're currently exploring posting digests via Slack and allowing items (such as Epics) to be quickly linked to Goals directly from within Slack.
  • Discord integration: Adding the ability to publish updates and digests in Discord.
  • Auto-link to Goals based on Tags: Project management tools all have the concept of labels or tags, so we'll explore how we can leverage these to link items to goals based on tags as a way to eliminate having to do this in Enform.

Send through your feedback

If you have any feedback, send it through to or check out our public roadmap to see what we’re currently working on and have your say on what integrations we should be working on next.

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