Product Update - Apr 2023: Boost Productivity and Visibility

Luke Grimstrup

We're excited to share some key improvements and features we've recently implemented based on your feedback.

Our team has been working hard to enhance the experience, making it even more efficient and effective for you and your team.

Check out the benefits these updates bring:

🚀 Enhanced Slack Integration

Gather updates from your team for efficient team collaboration

Our updated Slack integration streamlines the process of inviting your team and gathering updates on their goals and initiatives. Receive weekly prompts directly within Slack, saving time and increasing visibility for everyone involved. Watch to see it in action.

🎯 Complete Status for Goals

With the new "Complete" status, completed goals are automatically hidden from future updates, keeping your focus on active initiatives. Need to revisit a completed goal? Easily move it back to the 'Active Goals' section.

📊 Easy Goal Management

Effortlessly edit and remove goals directly from the main dashboard. Hover over a goal to see the edit and delete buttons, streamlining your goal management process.

📈 Embed Videos & Add Images

Boost the clarity and impact of your updates by embedding Loom videos you've already shared or inserting key charts and mockups as images. Provide stakeholders with a richer understanding of your progress.

🔁 Re-ordering Goals

Re-ordering goals within an update now applies universally, ensuring consistent prioritization both within the current update and throughout the platform.

✨ Pro-tip: Add Your Own Branding

Customize your email updates with your company's logo and branding for a professional touch. Check out this support article on how to set up custom branding for your updates.

We're committed to providing the best experience possible, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on these improvements. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

If you want would like to a personalized demo of Enform book a call.

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