Gathering updates from a cross-functional team

Luke Grimstrup

Gathering regular updates from product teams is an important part of product leadership and successful product strategy. Without regular feedback from stakeholders, product goals may be misunderstood or product initiatives may move in directions that don't align with the original product roadmap.

With regular updates, product leaders can quickly identify any gaps in the product strategy and take action to ensure product objectives remain on track.

How are product leaders gathering updates at the moment?

From the conversations I've had with a bunch of product leaders, a lot are relying on traditional methods such as:

  • Asking their team to send a (dreaded) status update email once a week.
  • Sharing a quick update in Slack channels (with no permanent home for these)
  • Publishing a Confluence or Notion page (that not many people read)
  • In-person meetings where only those in the room / on the call know what's going on.

While these methods are viable options for product teams to communicate and collaborate, they can be incredibly inefficient in terms of collecting updates from a cross-functional group of people to provide a holistic view of how objectives and initiatives are progressing.

How do we solve gathering cross-functional updates with Enform?

Enform has recently released functionality that makes it easier for product leaders to quickly gather commentary from cross-functional teams.  Not only will this help the team remain aligned with stakeholder expectations, but product leaders can better understand exactly where additional support is required.

In summary

Gathering updates directly from the cross-functional team contributing directly to your goals and initiatives allows product leaders and stakeholders to:

  • Be better equipped to assess where additional support is needed.
  • Quickly identify any gaps or issues that need addressing.
  • Keep everyone on the same page.
  • Ensures product strategy remains aligned with stakeholder expectations

More about Enform

At this point in time, we are only accepting a select group of product leaders and product managers that can get the most value out of Enform, and provide honest feedback in order to improve the platform.

If you're interested in learning more about Enform, schedule a quick discovery call, where we can discuss your current situation and if Enform is right for you:

If you are a fit, we'll give you private beta access to the Enform platform (risk-free) + access to our community for on-demand support and discussions.

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