Easily share product roadmap updates with Enform + Productboard

Luke Grimstrup

As a Product Manager or Product Leader, you're responsible for juggling numerous tasks and ensuring that stakeholders are kept informed about the progress of your team's work.

Communication is critical, and maintaining a high level of transparency can be challenging. That's where Enform's integration with Productboard comes in.

By connecting your Productboard account to Enform, you can effortlessly sync your product features with Enform's platform and enhance your communication with stakeholders.

Lets explore the benefits of this new integration and how it can help streamline one of your key areas of responsibility as a product manager.

Effortless Syncing for Streamlined Communication

The Enform <> Productboard integration enables you to automatically sync Features from Productboard as Goals in Enform.

This means you no longer have to manually update your Enform account with the latest feature statuses, saving you valuable time and effort.

This seamless connection ensures that your communication with stakeholders is always up-to-date and accurate, as you share the most recent progress on features in the pipeline.

Gather the Latest Updates

You can quickly poll the team for an update on the latest about Productboard features assigned to them on a weekly basis.

This will help encourage the product team and others that are contributing to be proactive in sharing their updates.

Engaging Updates to Keep Stakeholders Informed

By gathering and sharing the latest status of your features in the pipeline, you can keep stakeholders informed about your progress, celebrate wins, and demonstrate the business impact of product iterations.

Enform allows you to create engaging updates with additional context that stakeholders will actually read, and use consistent terminology in the updates that is used in Productboard.

Fostering Better Collaboration Without Endless Meetings

The integration not only improves your communication with stakeholders but also fosters better collaboration within your product team without the endless meetings.

By polling the team working on an initiative on a weekly basis, and collating all the feedback into one central location, your team can quickly identify the current status of each task and make data-driven decisions.

This increased visibility and organization lead to a more cohesive and efficient workflow, ensuring that your team stays focused on achieving their objectives.


The integration between Enform and Productboard is a game-changer for product managers and leaders.

By seamlessly syncing your product features with Enform's platform, you can significantly improve your communication with stakeholders and keep them engaged with regular status updates on features in the pipeline.

The result is a more streamlined workflow, better collaboration, and increased efficiency for your entire team by removing meetings that could have been an email or async update!

Check out how to on set up the Productboard integration for more information on how to connect your Productboard account with Enform and streamline the communication from the product team.

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