Goal (OKR) Tracking

Share progress made towards your objectives each week.

Make achievements visible. See what is going well so you know where your attention needs to be. Put time into developing the right habits as a leader to lead to even greater success.

Prepare data-driven updates

Never start from a blank canvas. Start with all the right data at your finger-tips for each goal.

Send to your peers and stakeholders

Provide clarity on what has progressed and what the upcoming the focus will be next week.

Manage and assign objectives

Assign objectives to one or more people, forming a team focused on achieving key results.

Stay accountable, together

Team members will receive a reminder to fill out their update on their assigned goals for the week.

Track development progress for an objective

Connect product development initiatives to see a breakdown of progress for the current objective.

Integrate and track metrics

Easily track your key results, whether by manually updating them or by connecting to popular platforms for easy-to-read updates.

Beautifully formatted email updates in action

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Keep the whole team informed

Reduce time in meetings and improve your internal communication.
Send your first update within minutes.

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