Daily Jira Digest

Stay up to date with the latest product development changes.

Do you get inundated with emails from your project management tools for each and every update? The daily digest helps you understand what has been updated in relation to the goals, giving you the insights you need to keep your finger on the pulse without having to dive into all the detail.

Zoom in, zoom out

Receive updates grouped by goal enabling you to to understand how work has transitioned in relation to the big picture.

Stay on top of progress

Track actual completion rates by viewing the completion rate of each item enabling you to keep track of your team's progress.

Stop wasting time

Highlight shadow work, work not related to any current business objective and decide whether you want to link the work to an existing goal or stop it.

Day-to-day updates straight to your inbox

Have the daily update email sent to yourself, your team, or stakeholders who love keeping across the detail.

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