Communicate openly and frequently is a simple solution that helps leaders connect outputs to business outcomes and objectives, enabling data-driven communication.

Eliminate surprises with streamlined progress reports

  • Powered by your insight

    Review latest output, metrics and activities on a regular basis. Translate the data into insight and send to a broad audience rather than discuss in a meeting.

  • Data-driven goals and OKRs

    Measure progress towards your goals with real data from our integrations. Track delivery timelines, milestones and latest product metrics.

  • Track and measure engagement

    Collect feedback from peers and stakeholders. Improve the quality of your progres sreports with our engagement reporting.

Screenshot example of the main interface and email update on a mobile device.

Product features

Save time and quickly compose regular updates that showcase the progress towards business objectives.
Project management digests

Receive a regular digest of product development activity from your project management solutions.

Goal (OKR) tracking

Set up and keep track of your product goals and objectives. View your delivery, activities, metrics and past updates by goal.

Metric tracking

Automatically track and measure progress towards your goals manually or via our data integrations.

Tasks and activities

Track key tasks and activities that contribute directly to your goals.

Update composer

Never start from a blank canvas with an easy to use composer that presents up-to-date information on your goals.

Add commentary

Gives you space to provide your insight on delivery and discoveries made towards the goal.

Publish everywhere

Send your updates through email, Slack and Microsoft Teams to peers and stakeholders wherever they are.

Scheduled time

We provide help and support by supporting you create impactful updates.

Learn how we can streamline your reporting, saving at least 8 hours per month

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