Communicate progress openly and frequently

Enform is a simple solution that helps product and engineering leaders connect outputs to business outcomes, enabling data-driven communication.

Powered by your insight

Review latest output, metrics and activites on a regular basis. Overlay your insight and commentary send to a broad audience.

Data-driven goals and OKRs

Measure progress towards your goals with real data from our integrations. Track a delivery timelines and latest product metrics.

Track and measure engagement

Collect feedback from peers and stakeholders. Improve the quality of your updates with our engagement reporting.

Product features

For product and engineering leaders, to help keep everyone informed.

Goal (OKR) tracking

Set up and keep track of your product goals and OKRs. View your delivery, activties, metrics and past updates by goals

Add commentary

Gives you space to provide your insight on delivery and discoveries made towards the goal.

Publish everywhere

Send your updates through email, Slack and Microsoft Teams to your peers and stakeholders.

Scheduled time

Helps you by blocking time out of your schedule for creating and sharing your update.


Connect to common data sources to pre-populate your updates.

Jira Cloud

Tracks status of delivery linking epics and issues to goals.

Google Analytics

Links page views, events or goals to your product goals.


Link aggregated report data to your product goals.


Send a short summary and link to a detailed update to channels.

Microsoft Teams

Send a short summary and link to a detailed update to rooms.


Send beautifully formatted updates in full via email.

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