Tracking Metrics with Zapier

Key Benefits

  • Push data from platforms via Zapier to increment the metric data points

Connecting to from Zapier

Connecting to is available as an Action in Zapier, where you can push data from another platform of choice and use Zapier to automatically update metric data points within the platform.

When selecting, the only action available is to update a metric data point.

To connect your account, use the email address you sign in with and the API Token from your User Profile page.

Set up the action

Once you have connected to your account, you can easily search for the metric you want to update

Upon selecting a metric, the details are automatically populated. By default, the settings will increment the data point for the current day by 1. 99% of the time the defaults should be sufficient. These settings can be overridden, and use different modes. For more details see the Metrics API docs on definitions of the other settings available here.

Test the zap

Now that you’ve set up the action, give the Zap a quick test and this should successfully increment the metric data point. Zapier should return a successful result.

Check the data in

The metric data should be visible in the Goals > [Select a Goal] > Metrics > [Select target metric] screen.

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