Tracking Metrics by API

Key Benefits

  • Push data from platforms that might not have a native integration with

Pushing data to your metrics

Once you have set up your metrics you can push data points to the API.

API Authentication

Using Basic Auth you can authenticate to the API using the email address you log in with and the API token which can be found your user profile page.

Example API Request

POST«metric id»/metric_points

Request Body:

  "value_at": "2021-09-14",
  "value": "1",
  "mode": "increment"
  • value_at - date of the data point.
  • value - value for the data point.
  • mode - options: ‘increment’, ‘set’, ‘decrement’

More on Modes

Mode determines how to treat the update to the metric data point, below is a bit of an explanation on each.

  • Increment creates or increments the data point for value_at by value
  • Set sets the value for data point for value_at
  • Decrement decrements the data point for value_at by value

Example Postman Collection

Download the example postman collection

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