Managing Team Settings

Key Benefits

  • A team acts as the major container for all settings related to group’s work area.
  • Everything within revolves around a Team (Team Members, Jira Config, Email Recipients, etc)
  • Personalise your team and add some personality!

Team Details

When your account is first created it’s created with a few default settings. It’s encouraged to check these settings and make it your own! Team details include all the key settings for your team’s identity.

  • Name is the name of your team and is included in email subject lines, and email headings.
  • Logo allows you to upload your team’s logo, if a logo is not present your team name is used as the heading in emails.
  • Send next reminder at sends all team members a reminder that the next update is nearly due, once every X days to align with your update cycle.
  • Send updates every X days is how often you want to be sending updates, this powers the reminders in the previous field.
  • Email Background and Heading Color allow you keep your emails on brand.

Team Members

Team members are those people that will be contributing to writing updates, receive daily digests, and have access to the web app.

Creating new team members can be done by going to Team Members > and clicking ‘Add team member’

  • Name is the name of the team member, you can use first name or full name.
  • Email is the email of the team member that will receive update reminders and digests.
  • Teams are the teams this user is a part of.

Email Recipients

Email recipients are those that will receive published updates. Email recipients do not receive digests or reminder emails.

To add email receipients, go to Email Recipients > and click ‘Add recipients’.

Adding recipients only requires a list of email addresses that are comma, semi-colon, or new line separated. The fastest way to add number of people is copy and paste a list of email addresses from an email and drop them in.

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