Jira Digests with Enform for Jira

Key Benefits

  • Receive a daily activity feed of tickets that have been updated across projects you’re watching.
  • Quickly set and forget to enable a basic digest.

The information requested from Jira is requested in real-time, with only ticket IDs stored on enform.io. The integration only requests and performs read-only requests.

Basic digest

Once you connect to Jira Cloud you will start receiving regular digests from Jira that summarise everything that has transitioned since the last update. You can manage the frequency and what’s included in your digest under Team > Jira Settings. Updates will look something like this:

Next: Receive digests summarized by goal

To help add even more context to your digests, you have the option to link epics to new or existing goals from the dashboard. As you link epics to goals, digests will then be summarized by Goal. Allowing you to easily gain a view of what has been happening with regards to progress towards your main goals and objectives.

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