Jira Cloud Integration

Set up Jira integration

When you first log in to enform.io you will see the dashboard indicates that Jira is not yet connected. Click on the ‘Connect Jira’ button to learn a bit more about the integration and then click ‘Connect via Basic Auth’.

Connecting to Jira Cloud is pretty quick and only requires Basic Auth credentials. From your Atlassian account go to https://id.atlassian.com/manage-profile/security/api-tokens and generate a new API token, keeping note of the generated secret.

  • Site URL is typically the URL you use to access Jira (https://.atlassian.net)
  • Username / Email is typically the email address you use to login
  • API Secret is the generated token from Atlassian

Configuring Jira settings

Once you’ve connected to Jira you can configure the Jira Settings, and select the Jira Projects you and your team are interested in following. You also have the option to tailor the level of detail and frequency of the Jira Digest.

What each setting does

  • Jira Project(s) are the Jira Projects your team is interested in.
  • Jira Project Type is used to determine how to find Epic information. If you’re using Classic projects, be sure to select Classic.
  • Send next Jira Digest when should the next Jira Digest be sent. Upon connecting to Jira you will receive your first digest within an hour of making the connection.
  • Send digest every X days how often should the Jira Digest be sent? Issues that have transitioned within the X day period will be included in the digest.
  • Include updated issues in digest adds links to all transitioned issues within each epic in the digest along with their current status.
  • Include issues without epics in digest adds links and status for all transitioned issues that are not linked to epics within the digest timeframe.

Key benefits

  • Pulls real-time information for data-driven updates on progress towards reaching business objectives.
  • Enform only queries information (read-only) and does not write any updates to tickets.
  • Receive daily digests of what’s happening in Jira and include epic summaries in updates.

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