Trello Integration

Set up Azure DevOps integration

When you first log in to you will see the dashboard indicates that a project management tool is not yet connected. Click on the ‘View Integrations to see all the available integrations and then click ‘Connect to Azure DevOps’.

Connecting to Azure DevOps is quick and use OAuth credentials, this will then authenticate and redirect back to your Team’s Azure DevOps Settings for additional configuration.

Configuring Azure DevOps settings

Note: At the moment setting up Azure DevOps isn’t the smoothest, and takes a couple of saves to validate and pull the information required to get going. We are working on improving this set up experience.

Once you’ve connected to Azure DevOps you can configure the Azure DevOps Settings:

  • Select your Azure DevOps Organization name, and then Save.
  • This will then reveal projects, select the Azure DevOps Project for your team, and then Save.

In Azure DevOps, create or find a query that returns all recently updated items.For example, here is a simple query that returns everything updated in the last day.

Once that’s saved, grab the Query ID from the URL, and paste that into the Azure DevOps Query ID in Enform

What each setting does

  • Azure DevOps Organization is the Azure DevOps organization to use, most people will only have one.
  • Azure DevOps Project is the Azure DevOps project to use, all interaction will be scoped to this project.
  • Azure DevOps Query ID is the query from Azure DevOps to use, this can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like, and should return updated items to be included in the daily digest.
  • Send next digest at when should the next digest be sent. Upon connecting to Azure DevOps you will receive your first digest within an hour of making the connection.
  • Send digest every X days how often should the digest be sent? Work items that have transitioned within the X day period will be included in the digest.

Key benefits

  • Pulls real-time information for data-driven updates on progress towards reaching business objectives.
  • Enform only queries information (read-only) and does not write any updates to cards.
  • Receive daily digests of what’s happening in Azure DevOps and include summaries of items with checklists in updates.

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