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Eliminate noisy notification emails with Slack Digests

When we're at work, we get continuously flooded with notifications and alerts. See how the digest to Slack from can help you stay on top of your goals and objectives.

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Product Update: ClickUp, Google Analytics, GitLab

A roll-up of what's new and exciting this month on ClickUp, Google Analytics, and GitLab and working through a bunch of feedback and welcoming a new team member! 

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Product Update: MeisterTask Integration

The new MeisterTask + integration allows you to report on progress and keep stakeholder and clients up to date on how projects are progressing at a glance.

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Product Update: Engagement Reporting

Report on engagement and share links to update page for comments from clients and stakeholders.

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Product Update: Trello Integration

We’ve been busy in the last couple of weeks and have finished the Trello integration, and have added a few updates to enable even better updates.

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