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Motivating a disengaged team

It's up to the leaders in the company to understand and diagnose why teams and individuals are might not be engaged and to find ways to get teams excited. It’s also on leaders to connect day-to-day activities and outputs to the overall business impact

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Fostering a stronger connection with your organization

Having become more comfortable working from home creating and maintaining connections with those in the organization has become more tenacious. It has now become something that is getting harder to foster within an organization since face-to-face interactions are not as frequent. This post looks at how leaders can foster a stronger connection to the workplace.

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The value of written status updates

How often are you in meetings? Getting questions on what is coming up, how things are progressing, and when can stakeholders expect an update on what they’re most interested in?

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Tracking OKRs: 7 steps to achieve your product goals

Where we are still operating in a remote environment one the most effective and powerful management tools we have at our disposal in these trying times are the goals we set for ourselves, our team, and our organization. It ensures individuals and functions are aligned to broader organizational goals and objectives.

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20 questions to ask when hiring product managers

As a hiring manager, there are 5 focus areas in no particular order I tend to dig into, using some of the 20 questions below I can gain some insight into how a candidate operates and determine if they’re likely to be a fit with the team and organization.

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