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Should your manager be considered a stakeholder?

Managers can certainly be considered stakeholders, but their role in this equation may be a little different than what you might expect.

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5 elements of successful client communications

To succeed in remote client collaboration you need to manage expectations through good communication and be transparent in your execution. These are key aspects to earning trust in any remote work environment.

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How can product leaders be better communicators?

How are you increasing the visibility to the most important objectives across the broader organization? How often are you as a leader, reflecting and checking in on your goals?

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How to craft a solid product-led update

Written updates allow for a more structured thought process, how you can share more information with a broader audience, and frees product leaders up from status update meetings, or better yet, makes them more efficient. This post describes how to create a solid product-led update.

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5 ways product managers can boost communication

Communication is a vital leadership skill that underpins all product management activities, yet it’s all too common to see examples of leading through authority and it can be quite demoralizing. While personally reflecting on this topic a bit, here are 4 pointers I have for product leaders.

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