Weekly progress reports made easy

For product managers that want to save at least 8 hours per month, eliminate surprises, and streamline progress reporting.

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Focus on what matters

Reduce time spent pulling all the information required for outcome-based reporting by centralizing information.

Keep the team engaged  

Showcase the impact your team has made by regularly reporting on all the metrics that matter.

Build trust among stakeholders

Proactively provide stakeholders with right information to assess progress towards OKRs and eliminate surprises.

Integrate with your favourite product tools

Connect to project management tools and data sources to pre-populate your updates and track progress towards you objectives.
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Data that relates to your objectives and key results.

Spend less time manually pulling and reporting on data that relates to your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) without requiring complex reporting tools and coordination from others in your organization.

  • Assign teams to objectives
  • Track metrics from data platforms
  • Track delivery across an objective
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Progress reports within minutes

Send progress reports that look at the big picture and send to broad audiences without requiring meetings.

  • Email digests from yours tools
  • Connect work to objectives
  • Add additional context
  • Publish via Slack, Teams, Email
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Ready to share progress toward outcomes?

Schedule a free 15min discovery session to see if we can save you at least 8 hours per month, eliminate surprises, and streamline data in your progress reports.

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