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outputs to outcomes

Helps product and technology leaders keep peers and stakeholders up to date on progress from anywhere.

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Powered by your insight

Review latest output, metrics and activites on a regular basis.

Data-driven goals

Track progress towards goals with data from integrations.

Measure engagement

Improve through feedback and engagement reporting.

Share insight with the latest data

Our integrations enable you to quickly and easily keep your stakeholders and peers up to date based on the latest data.

Connect to Jira, Google Analytics and Salesforce. Add your insight and publish well constructed updates across email, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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How it works

Composing an update that can be sent out broadly only takes 15-30 minutes once every week or two.

Step 1: Set up your goals

Outline your product goals, link epics from Jira back to business priorities keeping everyone focused and on the same page.

Step 2: Connect integrations

Pull the latest data points and movements since the last update with integrations into Jira and Google Analytics.

Step 3: Compose your update

Never start from a blank canvas. Add your commentary on top of the data to provide additional context and insight.

Step 4: Publish everywhere

Never a miss a soul by publishing your update through email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

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