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A faster way for leaders to quickly create and share progress reports and increase transparency.

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Fewer meetings, more visibility

Be a better leader by reducing the time spent in meetings, stay focused on business objectives, and keep clients, stakeholders and the team informed.

Reduce time in meetings

Keep the team updated with data-rich updates from integrations with product platforms.

Celebrate success

Showcase the progress your team has made by telling your story in a visual and engaging way.

Align to objectives

Have strategy front of mind by connecting day-to-day activities and product delivery outputs to business objectives.

Connect your updates with your favourite product tools

Connect to project management tools and data sources to pre-populate your updates and track progress towards your objectives.

Jira Cloud
Track status of delivery linking epics to goals.
Track status of delivery linking cards to goals.
Send a short summary and link to a detailed update to channels.
Azure DevOps
Track status of delivery linking features and epics to goals.
Pabbly Connect
Connect to over 700+ platforms to add data points to metrics.
Connect to over 2000+ platforms to add data points to metrics.
Track status of delivery linking tasks to goals.
Google Analytics
Link page views, events or goals to your product goals.
Link aggregated report data to your product goals.

Connect to your project management tools

Keep your finger on the pulse, and quickly report on work in progress using data and insight from your project management tools.

  • → Receive daily digests from your project management tool.
  • → Connect project deliverables to business objectives.

Track progress towards objectives and key results

Spend less time manually pulling and reporting on data that relate to your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

  • → Outline your goals and objectives for each team / client.
  • → Automatically track & update metrics from your data platforms.

Quick and easy weekly updates

Delight stakeholders with high quality, data-driven reports that align clients, stakeholders and teams towards the business objectives in focus.

  • → Add context to work in progress and metrics in your progress reports.
  • → Publish updates wherever your clients, stakeholders, team prefer.

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