🪄AI-powered updates
for specific stakeholders

Leveraging GPT-4, the ability to instantly tailor stakeholder updates-from the CMO to the CEO-are around the corner.

Customize the AI-generated draft, adjust the frequency, and include snapshots and metrics from other tools to fine-tune visibility and get to alignment.

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Honestly now, does it make sense to manually copy and paste from half a dozen tools every week?

Hidden costs

Every hour spent gathering updates is an hour lost on execution, and an hour closer to burnout.

Stakeholder needs

Manually updating stakeholders is already tedious, pulling the right information shouldn't be.

Unnecessary meetings

Calling meetings for progress updates makes teams feel transactional instead of energized and innovative.

Enform keeps you and your team focused on the work that matters

Instead of getting caught in an endless loop of manual updates and chat pings, team can focus on shipping quality work faster.

Gather weekly check-ins from team members

Easily collect updates from the team on their progress and challenges

  • Seamless integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams to be part of your existing workflow.
  • Gather check-ins from team members, making it quick and easy to collect updates on progress and challenges.
  • Proactively prompt the team for updates on in-flight initiatives.
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Connect Enform to the tools your teams actually use

Connect to project management tools and data sources to pre-populate your updates and track progress towards your objectives.

  • Pull in activity from project management tools like JIRA, ClickUp, Asana, Trello and GitLab.
  • Sync goals, objectives and report on features from Productboard.
  • Connect with over 3000+ tools with the Zapier integration and layer in more data points.

Keep teams and stakeholders in the loop

Push team updates to stakeholders over their preferred channel.

  • Publish via Slack, Email or Microsoft Teams. Wherever your stakeholders are most likely to read the progress report.
  • Engagement reports allow you to track open rates and comments from stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders can easily view and comment on current & past updates from a centralized portal.

Enform vs. Alternatives


A central place for all your team updates
  • Generated - First draft generated based on check-in.
  • Time saving - Generate updates & sync data for key metrics.
  • Asynchronous - Share updates at your leisure.
  • Automatic sharing - One-click share to many channels.
  • Centralize feedback - In a single location.
  • Central location - For all your check-ins and updates.
  • Consistent - Templates based on best practice.
  • Push information - In a format that will be read.


(Email, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Confluence, Notion, etc)
  • Manual - Starting from a blank page every time.
  • Time intensive - Manually gather information.
  • Disruptive - Use meetings for reporting progress.
  • Manual sharing - Manually send to multiple places.
  • Ad-hoc feedback - To individual people.
  • Lost in the noise - Miss important notifications.
  • Inconsistent - Quality of updates varies.
  • Pull information - Need to seek information.

A message from the founder

As a Team Leader I know how much time & energy it takes to keep stakeholders up to date and have seen how this skill varies based on a leader’s communication style.

I’m committed to helping other team leaders make their work-life easier through better reporting by leveraging best practices that have helped me & my colleagues succeed.

I'll be guiding you personally to make sure you get the most out of Enform.

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