Cut your reporting time in half

Enform makes it easy to provide insight about your teams’ activities, measure business impact of product iterations & report to stakeholders in a format they’ll actually read.
1. Setup your goals

Simply add your current goals and objectives for your team and add your key stakeholders.

2. Connect your integrations

Connect to project management tools and data sources to track progress towards your objectives.

3. Send engaging reports

Send engaging weekly reports that look at the big picture without requiring meetings.

Measure product teams' progress toward key business metrics

Provide insight about your product teams’ activities, data & comments to company wide objectives and key results (OKRs)

  • Define goals and objectives, and track progress in one centralized place.
  • Visualise progress and key metrics, so everyone is on the same page.
  • Integrate project management and data analytics solutions.

Integrate with your favorite tools & save time gathering data

Connect to project management tools and data sources to pre-populate your updates and track progress towards your objectives.

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Reduce time in meetings by publishing reports to where they get read

Get more work done in the same amount of time. Publish stakeholder updates via Email, Slack or Teams, track opens & respond to comments in one centralized place.

  • Send progress reports linking activity and get feedback from stakeholders in one centralized place.
  • Overlay your expert insight and commentary sharing the next steps with stakeholders.
  • Publish via Slack, Email or Teams. Wherever your stakeholders are most likely to read the progress report.

A message from the founder

As a Product Leader I know how much time & energy it takes to keep stakeholders up to date and have seen how this skill varies based on a leader’s communication style.

I’m committed to helping other product leaders make their work-life easier through better reporting by leveraging best practices that have helped me & my colleagues succeed.

I'll be guiding you personally to make sure you get the most out of Enform.

Enform vs. Alternatives


A central place for all your product updates
  • Time saving - Sync data for key metrics.
  • Asynchronous - Share updates at your leisure.
  • Automatic sharing - One-click share to many channels.
  • Centralize feedback - In a single location.
  • Central location - For all your progress updates.
  • Consistent - Templates based on best practice.
  • Push information - In a format that will be read.


(Email, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Confluence, Notion, etc)
  • Time intensive - Manually gather information.
  • Disruptive - Use meetings for reporting progress.
  • Manual sharing - Manually send to multiple places.
  • Ad-hoc feedback - To individual people.
  • Lost in the noise - Miss important notifications.
  • Inconsistent - Quality of updates varies.
  • Pull information - Need to seek information.

How Product Managers can execute on OKRs to drive focus

Find out how Product Managers can leverage OKRs to reach product objectives and keep teams and stakeholders informed of progress along the way.

  • What are OKRs and why should Product Managers use them to drive focus
  • How can Product Managers set up effective OKRs
  • What are some best practices for tracking and measuring progress against OKRs
  • How can Product Managers use OKRs to keep their team on track and focused on the right things

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